What we’re learning

National Resource Centre for Circles of Support and Microboards (NRCCOSAM)

Progressive Delivery:
July 2017 – June 2018

Inclusion Designlab successfully applied for a 12-month national ILC readiness grant from the NDIA to establish the National Resource Centre. The NRCCOSAM is collaborating with Circles of Support and Microboards providers across Australia to develop a number of useful resources that include:

  • A web accessible portal that hosts information about COSAM services from across Australia
  • A number of publications and training material for people with a disability , families and others interested in COSAM
  • A series of webinars about Circles and Microboards
  • A 1800 number for additional information
John at a pub having lunch with his Circle of Support

Citizenship, voting rights and supported decision making

Progressive delivery: 2016-2018

Inclusion Designlab has partnered with the Human Rights Law Centre and the Melbourne Law School to develop an advocacy and education strategy to support engagement with the voting process for people with intellectual disability.

Click here for our 2013 article in Right Now.

Click here for our 2014 article in ABC’s RampUp.

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Faith Communities and Inclusion

Release: Early 2017

Inclusion Melbourne is in the initial stages of developing a new support model for people with intellectual disability who wish to have a deeper level of engagement in their faith, faith community, and faith identity.

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The Active Volunteer - Inclusive training materials

Release: Late 2016

Inclusion Designlab has identified Certificate II in Active Volunteering as an ideal tool for building work readiness, community volunteering experience and project administration skills in students who want to work or volunteer in the community or not-for-profit sector.

Our inclusive training materials will come in two versions: materials for people with intellectual disability and materials for secondary school or community sector students.

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